The Plague

Dougal buys a pet rabbit and after much contemplation decides to call it Sampras after Pete Sampras, the tennis player, because of the whole connection between tennis and rabbits. Meanwhile, Bishop Brennan telephones the parochial house to say he will be paying them a visit after father Jack was caught sleepwalking, stark naked!

For some strange reason, which we never discover, rabbits soon start to pop up all over the place. Ted is sent into a panic as he knows that Bishop Brennan has a terrible phobia of rabbits after an unfortunate incident in an elevator with them.

Ted and Dougal try to get rid of the rabbits humanely but all their attempts fail. The rabbits disappear and Bishop Brennan turns up wanting to see that the situation with Father Jack’s nude sleepwalking is under control. Ted asks Dougal where he put the rabbits and Dougal tells him that he put them in a place that Bishop Brennan would never look for them – his room!

Luckily the rabbits have followed the smell of Jack into his room, leaving Bishop Brennan’s room free of rabbits. With Bishop Brennan sleeping in his room, Ted and Dougal attempt to round the rabbits up and get rid of them.

While Ted and Dougal are trying to get rid of the rabbits, Jack gets ready to engage in another bout of nude sleepwalking but cannot get out of the parochial house door. Thwarted, he joins Bishop Brennan in his bed. Bishop Brennan wakes up in bed with a nude Jack surrounded by rabbits. Ted and Dougal are standing by the door with some rabbits in their arms. Bishop Brennan screams.

Airdate: 12 April 1996


[Bishop Brennan show his fondness for the Craggy Island parochial house]:
Bishop Brennan: Once again I am forced from my comfy fireside to deal with the cast of Police Academy.

[Tom shows his fondness for animals]:
Tom: Have you nothing I could kill at all all, Father?
Father Ted: Uh no Tom, no.
Tom: Well, feck it anyway!
Father Ted: Run Dougal, run quite fast!

[Bishop Brennan starts his investigation of Jack]:
Bishop Brennan: What would the following words suggest to you: “Jack”, “sleepwalking” and “bollock naked”?


Extra Stuff


  • Second appearance of Bishop Brennan.
  • Fourth appearance of Tom.
  • Fourth appearance of Larry Duff who has an unfortunate and violent encounter with his twelve Rottweilers.
  • This episode opens with Ted and Dougal watching Father Ben, a Tv show that contains a mirror-image of the characters in Father Ted.
  • Ted and Dougal both like Byker Grove.



Bishop Brennan mentions the film Police Academy. This is a film franchise started in 1984 featuring a bunch of misfits who enrol to become police officers.

In Tom’s basement, the word REDRUM can be seen on the wall. This is a reference to the film The Shining.


Guest Cast

Father Brendan — James Rymer
Father Ben — Arthur Mathews
Mr Noonan — David Heap
Bishop Len Brennan — Jim Norton
Paddy Jordan — Paul Wonderful
Tom — Pat Shorrt