Ted can’t think why July the 19th is important, but when Jack emerges in swimwear, he realises that it is time for their annual holiday. They are going to Kilkelly caravan park, hopefully in a more luxurious caravan than the one they had last year.

Approaching the park, they spot a big caravan and assume it is theirs. The priests enter just as a young couple is showering. After having to talk to the police about the incident, they spot their small caravan at the other end of the park.

After putting a cardboard box over Jack’s head, Ted and Dougal go off to enjoy their holiday. Highlights of the holiday include St Kevins Stump and the Magic Road ( that’s about it). A rainstorm forces them back to their caravan. After the rainstorm subsides, Jack is taken out to the Magic road where he plummets over the cliff edge.

Back to the caravan and Ted and Dougal enter to find that Father Noel Furlong and his youth group are squeezed inside. Noel is extremely annoying to anyone including his youth group and soon Ted and Dougal have to leave before they both go mad. Ted enters an outhouse and discovers to his horror that it is occupied by the woman from the luxury caravan. Her husband, clad only in a towel, pursues Ted and Dougal and manages to jump on the bonnet of their now escaping car.

Eventually, Ted brings the car to a halt, depositing the now naked man on the ground. The man punctures Ted’s car tyres with a glass bottle and walks away. Ted and Dougal now have to hitchhike back to the parochial house. They stop Tom, who is driving a sewage van. Tom presses the wrong button and covers Ted and Dougal with raw sewage.

Jack is alive and well on a yacht where three bikini-clad women offer him drinks. The episode ends with Ted and Dougal back in the caravan having a game of hide and seek.


Airdate: 8 March 1996


[Ted and Dougal deciding what to do next on their boring holiday]:
Father Dougal: Do you want to walk over to that fence?
Father Ted: Oh no, best not; I don’t want to blow up with excitement

[Ted and Dougal having a nice cup of tea]:
Father Dougal: Will I put on the kettle?
Father Ted: Go on then.
Father Dougal: …must be one of those ones that clicks off automatically.
Father Ted: Mmm…bit of steam there. Incidentally, did you bring any teabags?
Father Dougal: …no.

[The man on Ted’s bonnet is now completely naked]:
Father Dougal: God Ted, he’s probably very cold now that his towel has blown away!


Extra Stuff


  • First appearance of Noel Furlong with his youth group.
  • First appearance of Larry Duff, who drives his Ford Granada off a cliff.
  • Third appearance of Tom. He is seen in the opening scene learning how to use the buttons on his sewage truck.
  • Dougal calls Ted Ya big bollocks after reading Roddy Doyle books.
  • Mrs Doyle confuses raisins for cocaine.
  • Jack’s bath-time is just before Christmas.
  • Episode with the “near and far away” scene, where Dougal cannot understand the difference between a small toy cow and a real cow that’s far away.
  • Father Noel Furlong sings the songs, Ebony and IvoryThe Whole of the Moon and Dirty Old Town when serenading Ted and Dougal in the caravan.
  • Father Noel Furlong and his youth group make the caravan upturn after doing Irish dancing inside.



The caravan site is on the West coast of Ireland at Fanfore Beach, County Clare.


Guest Cast

Father Noel Furlong — Graham Norton
Tom — Pat Shorrt
Mr Gleason — Luke Hayden
Mrs Gleason — Ann Hayden
Policeman — Robert English
Father Larry Duff — Tony Guilfoyle