Father Ted Characters/ Cast


Actor: Pat Shortt

Episodes: “Good Luck, Father Ted,” “And God Created Woman,” “Hell” and “The Plague.”

Occupation: General village-idiot, animal killer and armed robber.

Personality: Totally nuts

Events: Tom is seen around the village wearing an “I shot J.R.” T-shirt. He admits to Ted that he once murdered someone, but Ted is unconcerned as he is busy thinking about something else. Tom robs a post office, while Ted is waiting outside and he also accidentally covers Ted and Dougal in sewage from his lorry.


John & Mary

Actor: Patrick Drury & Rynagh O’ Grady

Episodes: “Good Luck, Father Ted,” “Entertaining Father Stone,” “The Passion of St Tibulus,” “Old Grey Whistle Theft,” “Cigarettes and Alcohol and Rollerblading” and “Chirpy Burpy Cheap Sheep.”

Occupation: Shopkeepers

Personality: Mutually violent

Events: John and Mary pop up now and again and are always trying to kill or maim one another. Whenever Ted encounters them they stop being violent and put on a charade of being a loving couple.


Father Paul Stone

Actor: Michael Redmond

Episode: “Entertaining Father Stone”

Occupation: Priest

Personality: Totally unresponsive

Events: Father Stone says nothing and is almost impossible to engage in any sort of conversation; he responds to anything with the phrase, “I’m fine.” He sucks the atmosphere out of any room. Despite this, he has great admiration for Father Ted and looks forward to his annual visit to the parochial house. During his most recent visit, he gets struck by lightning on the golf course and is hospitalised.


Father Jose Fernandez

Actor: Derrick Branche

Episode: “The Passion of St Tibulus”

Occupation: Priest

Personality: Very cool priest

Events: He is a Spanish-speaking priest from Cuba and he drives a red convertible Porsche 930. After a visit, when he leaves he gives Dougal a VCR and Ted a Cuban fertility symbol.


Bishop Brennan

Actor: Jim Norton

Episodes: “The Passion of St Tibulus,” “The Plague,” and “Kicking Bishop Brennan up the Arse.”

Occupation: Bishop

Personality: Foul-mouthed lecherous hypocritical narcissist.

Events: It was Bishop Brennan who banished the three priests to Craggy Island after they committed their various misdemeanours. He is a bit of a womaniser – he has a secret love child in New York – and loves nothing more than lounging in hot tubs with a glass of champagne, served up by a glamour girl. He has a paranoid fear of rabbits after an incident in a New York elevator and is kicked up the arse by Ted as part of a bet.


Father Dick Byrne

Actor: Maurice O’ Donoghue

Episodes: “Competition Time,” “A Song for Europe,” “Cigarettes and Alcohol and Rollerblading,” “Escape from Victory” and “Kicking Bishop Brennan up the Arse.”

Occupation: Priest

Personality: As childish as Father Ted

Events: Ted and Dick Byrne have an ongoing feud although it is not known how it started. Always in competition with one another, they engage in many battles. They vie in a lookalike competition, the Eurosong final, a battle over lent and a football competition which Ted loses and as a forfeit has to kick Bishop Brennan up the arse.


Father Cyril MacDuff

Actor: Don Wycherley

Episodes: “Competition Time,” “A Song for Europe,” “Cigarettes and Alcohol and Rollerblading,” “Escape from Victory” and “Kicking Bishop Brennan up the Arse.”

Occupation: Priest

Personality: As dumb as Dougal.

Events: Cyril MacDuff is Rugged Island’s answer to Dougal and he lives in a parochial house with Father Dick Byrne. He is Dick’s sidekick as Dick vies with Father Ted in their many battles.


Henry Sellers

Actor: Niall Buggy

Episode: “Competition Time”

Occupation: Game show host.

Personality: Ex-alcoholic.

Events: After the termination of his career as a game show host in England, Henry sellers comes to the Island to host the “All-Priests Stars in Their Eyes Lookalikes Competition.” Ted unwittingly allows Mrs Doyle to coerce him into having a glass of sherry. Unfortunately he is an alcoholic and he trashes the parochial house and runs riot around Craggy Island. He is brought down later with a tranquilliser gun.


Father Barty Dunne

Actor: Fergus O’ Kelly

Episode: “Competition Time”

Occupation: Priest

Personality: Annoying

Events: Known as “The Laughing Priest,” Barty Dunne provokes universal hatred and annoyance due to his habit of chuckling hysterically through everything he says.


Polly Clarke

Actor: Gemma Craven

Episode: “And God Created Woman”.

Occupation: Female novelist

Personality: Wistful author.

Events: Stays at the parochial house igniting Ted’s repressed desires. Unbeknown to Ted, Polly simply wants to become a nun.


Sister Assumpta

Actor: Rosemary Henderson

Episodes: “And God Created Woman” and “Cigarettes and Alcohol and Rollerblading.”

Occupation: Nun

Personality: Sadistic, crazed nun.

Events: A sadistic nun belonging to the Mattie Hyslop cult. In “Cigarettes and Alcohol and Rollerblading” she tortures Ted and Dougal with early wake-up calls, morning punishments, beatings and cold baths in. Her one weakness is chocolate – and this proves to be her undoing.


Father Fintan Fay

Actor: Jimmy Keogh

Episode: “Grant Unto Him Eternal Rest” and “Flight into Terror.”

Occupation: Priest

Personality: Monkey man.

Events: An old, mad priest who communicates in a noisy gibberish – hence his nickname, the “Monkey Priest of Killybashangel.” He is shocked by his own reflection because he doesn’t know he’s a priest.


Sister Monica

Actor: Mairead McKinley

Episode: “Grant Unto Him Eternal Rest”

Occupation: Nun

Personality: Devout nun

Events: A nun who comes to stay with the boys, is mistakenly accused of “touching” Ted. She diagnoses Jack’s death but is then brusquely shunted off when the details of his large legacy to Ted and Dougal are revealed.


Laura Sweeney

Actor: Zara Turner

Episode: “Grant Unto Him Eternal Rest”

Occupation: Solicitor

Personality: Bunny-boiler

Events: The senior partner from the law firm, Corlas, Corlas & Sweeney. She comes to the parochial house as executor of Jack’s will. She punches and swears at Ted when he and Dougal laugh at the notion of her being a solicitor.


Father Noel Furlong

Actor: Graham Norton

Episode: “Hell,” “Flight into Terror,” and “The Mainland.”

Occupation: Priest

Personality: Hyperactive priest

Events: He runs the St. Luke’s Youth Group and is first encountered during Ted’s disastrous caravanning holiday in “Hell.” In the caravan, he generally annoys the tits off Ted, Dougal and his youth group. He leads Father Fintan Fay into the cockpit of a plane in “Flight into Terror” and causes disaster when The Monkey Priest jumps on the pilot. Noel’s never-ending energy results in him getting his group lost in the “Very Dark Caves” in “The Mainland.” His attempts to start a “screeching competition” cause him to be crushed by falling rocks. His youth group then abandon him and head to Paraguay on an Aer Lingus flight.


Mr Gleason

Actor: Luke Hayden

Episode: “Hell”

Occupation: Unknown

Personality: Normal for Craggy Island

Events: Ted, Dougal and Jack arrive at Kilkelly caravan park and accidentally walk into Mr Gleason’s caravan while he is stark naked. After two other unfortunate incidents, Mr Gleason chases after Ted and Dougal leading to Mr Gleason being carried several miles naked through the countryside on the bonnet of Ted’s car, and thrown to the ground.


Mrs Gleason

Actor: Ann Hayden

Episode: “Hell”

Occupation: Unknown

Personality: Normal for Craggy Island

Events: As well as inadvertently spying on Mr and Mrs Gleason’s lovemaking, Ted and Dougal also accidentally inhabit a toilet cubicle while Mrs Gleason is using it. An angry Mr Gleason chases after them.


Father Larry Duff

Actor: Tony Guilfoyle

Episode: “Hell,” “Tentacles of Doom,” “Old Grey Whistle Theft,” “The Plague,” “Cigarettes and Alcohol and Rollerblading,” “New Jack City,” “Flight into Terror,” “A Christmassy Ted.”

Occupation: Priest

Personality: Accident-prone

Events: Father Larry Duff is a friend of Ted’s who always seems to be on the receiving end of some misfortune. The cause of these events is usually Ted calling him on his mobile phone. Accidents include: driving off a cliff in his Ford Granada, getting hit while volunteering for a blind-folded knife-throwing act, being investigated for weapons smuggling, being mauled by rottweilers, losing 10,000 pounds in a TV game show, stapling his ear, being trampled by a herd of stampeding donkeys, skiing off a cliff and getting caught in an avalanche. Despite his frequent injuries, he always returns unscathed in his next appearance.


Father Billy O’ Dwyer

Actor: Gerry O’ Brien

Episode: “Think fast, Father Ted”

Occupation: Priest

Personality: Gambling, music freak.

Events: Known as the “SpinMaster.” He is Craggy Island’s resident funky DJ (even though the only record he has is “Ghost Town” by “The Specials”) and also an inveterate gambler who ruins the raffle in “Think Fast, Father Ted” by stealing the proceeds to pay off his underworld debts.


Father Liam Finnegan

Actor: James Benson

Episode: “Think Fast, Father Ted”

Occupation: Priest

Personality: Groovy dancer

Events: He is the famous “Dancing Priest.” His untimely demise – a heart attack while dancing – provides Ted with the unexpected bequest of a car (Rover 216). The car is later destroyed by Father Jack after he drives it to the off-licence and leaves it in the path of two oncoming trucks.


Father Austin Purcell

Actor: Ben Keaton

Episode: “Think Fast, Father Ted”

Occupation: Priest

Personality: Yawn-inducing priest.

Events: He is “the most boring priest in the world” according to Ted. An entire population of a village in Nigeria once sailed to their deaths on a crocodile-infested lake to break free from him. He talks incessantly in an annoying high-pitched voice about the most trivial of topics, including central heating, insurance and “favourite humming noises.” He once knew a woman – “but she died soon afterwards.”


Bishop Jordan

Actor: Paddy Ward

Episode: “Tentacles of Doom”

Occupation: Bishop

Personality: Contemplative

Events: Leaves the Craggy Island parochial house in a coffin after an unsavoury incident with a drain affects his weak heart.


Bishop O’ Neill

Actor: Kevin Moore

Episode: “Tentacles of Doom”

Occupation: Bishop

Personality: Doubting Thomas.

Events: After a short conversation with Dougal about Catholicism, God and existence, he renounces religion and is last seen leaving for India in a van with some pot-smoking hippie friends.


Bishop Facks

Actor: Denys Hawthorne

Episode: “Tentacles of Doom”

Occupation: Bishop

Personality: Maniacally intense.

Events: Leaves the parochial house in an ambulance with the Holy Stone of Clonrichert stuck up his behind after an incident with Jack.


Father Damien Lennon

Actor: Joe Rooney

Episode: “Old Grey Whistle Theft”

Occupation: Priest

Personality: As childish as Dougal.

Events: He sports an earring, loves Oasis, smokes cigarettes, plays football and then steals a whistle, shocking Craggy Island with a crime wave.


Picnic Couple

Actors: Arthur Mathews & Charlotte Bradley

Episode: “Old Grey Whistle Theft”

Occupation: Unknown

Personality: Aggressive

Events: An aggressively territorial man and wife who show bitter annoyance at Father Ted for sitting in their picnic spot. In order to comply with the picnic area’s no swearing rule, they use the words “fup off”, “backstard” and “grasshole” while arguing with Ted.


Mr Benson

Actor: Mal Whyte

Episode: “Old Grey Whistle Theft”

Occupation: Security

Personality: Jobsworth

Events: Steadfast curator of the island’s picnic spot. His whistle is stolen from him and in the process, he loses all feeling in one leg. Previously, he had an affair with his wife’s sister while his wife was in hospital, then got the babysitter pregnant.


Fred Rickwood

Actor: Jon Kenny

Episode: “A Song for Europe”

Occupation: Television presenter

Personality: Double personality

Events: Fred is dirty and disheveled and his speech is entirely incoherent. When he appears on camera however, he inexplicably becomes clean, well-dressed, and charismatic. He is gay and his partner is Charles Hedges.


Charles Hedges

Actor: Peter Caffrey

Episode: “A Song for Europe”

Occupation: Television producer

Personality: Slick

Events: He produces “A Song for Ireland” and is very critical of the church for its anti-gay stance. He lets Ted’s act win the song contest as Ireland doesn’t want to stage the next one. His partner is Fred Rickwood.


Niamh Connolly

Actor: Clare Grogan

Episode: “Rock-a-Hula Ted”

Occupation: Pop singer

Personality: Strident feminist

Events: Niamh Connolly is a radical feminist pop singer who condemns the Catholic Church for various (unlikely) atrocities during the Great Famine. She comes to Craggy Island in an attempt to create a safe haven for victims of intolerance and hypocrisy. While there, Dougal mistakenly “sells” her the parochial house.


Father Liam Deliverance

Actor: Dermot Crowley

Episode: “Rock-a-Hula Ted”

Occupation: Priest

Personality: Woodwork fanatic

Events: He isn’t a fan of cowboy builders nor does he enjoy Shoddy, shoddy workmanship. He wreaks destruction upon the parochial house testing out the workmanship before assisting Ted at the “Lovely Girls” competition.


Father Fintan Stack

Actor: Brendan Grace

Episode: “New Jack City”

Occupation: Priest

Personality: Utterly obnoxious

Events: When Jack contracts “Hairy Hands Syndrome,” Fintan Stack comes to the parochial house as his replacement. He has many unpleasant habits, in which he engages solely for his own amusement. They include: being casually rude, intimidating anyone within the house, getting Dougal drunk, driving Ted’s car into a wall, threatening to put people’s heads through walls and playing loud jungle music. His visit is abruptly cut short when he too contracts “Hairy Hands Syndrome” after sitting in Jack’s chair.


Father Gallagher

Actor: Graham Linehan

Episode: “Flight into Terror”

Occupation: Priest

Personality: Devout priest.

Events: After hearing that the plane is in danger of crashing, he suggests they pray to God for help. This is met by derision from his fellow priests. In the horror of the ensuing plane disaster, Father Cave reveals his love for Father Gallagher to the embarrassment of both parties.


Father Todd Unctious

Actor: Gerard McSorley

Episode: “A Christmassy Ted”

Occupation: Priest

Personality: Oddball

Events: He turns up at the parochial house at Christmas claiming to be an old pal of Ted’s; although Ted has no recollection of him. His strange behaviour includes wandering around in nothing but his underpants and shadow boxing. He turns out to be a thief who wants to steal Ted’s “Golden Cleric Award.” It is revealed at the end of the episode that Todd Unctious is not his real name.


Father Fitzgerald

Actor: Sean Barrett

Episode: “A Christmassy Ted”

Occupation: Priest

Personality: Very dreary

Events: A terribly tedious character who has an incredibly boring voice that is almost too dull to listen to. The priests trapped in the lingerie department use his voice as a means of escaping from the lingerie department unnoticed.


Father Seamus Fitzpatrick

Actor: Patrick Kavanagh

Episode: “Are You Right There, Father Ted?”

Occupation: Priest

Personality: Nazi nutjob.

Events: Ted once lent him his copy of Stephen King’s, “The Shining.” He is a collector of (German) war memorabilia and Nazi. His ex-Wehrmacht housemate, unfortunately, confuses Valium with cyanide, killing them both.


Old Nazi

Actor: Vernon Dobtcheff

Episode: “Are You Right There, Father Ted?”

Occupation: Unknown

Personality: Nazi nutjob.

Events: An ex-Wehrmacht housemate to Father Seamus Fitzpatrick who unfortunately confuses Valium with cyanide, which spells swift death all round.


The Yins

Actors: Ozzie Yu(Father), Peter Sakon Lee(son)

Episode: “Are You Right There, Father Ted?”

Occupation: Unknown

Personality: Very touchy

Events: The family lives in Craggy Island’s Chinatown. Ted does an extremely silly Chinaman impression and then realises that the Yin family is watching him through the parochial house window. After this event, they believe him to be a racist.


Fargo Boyle

Actor: Peadar Lamb

Episode: “Chirpy Burpy Cheap Sheep”

Occupation: Farmer

Personality: Gambling farmer.

Events: He decides to frighten Chris the sheep so that the odds against him winning the “King of the Sheep” competition would increase and net him a large profit. However, Ted intervenes to get Chris disqualified.


Pat Mustard

Actor: Pat Laffan

Episode: “Speed 3”

Occupation: Milkman

Personality: Bottled lothario.

Events: A sex-addicted milkman who has a trail of exceedingly hairy illegitimate children all around the island. Mrs Doyle is one of many women who becomes infatuated with him. When Ted’s intervention costs him his job, Pat attaches a bomb to Dougal’s milk float.


Mrs Millett

Actor: Gail FitzPatrick

Episode: “Speed 3”

Occupation: Housewife

Personality: Sex-starved

Events: Appears naked at the front door when Dougal delivers the milk. She expected womaniser Pat Mustard. Dougal fails to notice her nudity until much later when he turns the light on in bed and shouts, “Those women were in the nip.”


Father Beeching

Actor: Eamon Morrissey

Episode: “Speed 3”

Occupation: Priest

Personality: Mass-mad

Events: Lives at Barren Island parochial house with Father Clarke, and helps Ted during Dougal’s milk-float disaster, by enthusiastically giving good mass.


Father Clarke

Actor: Arthur Mathews

Episode: “Speed 3”

Occupation: Priest

Personality: Mass-mad

Events: Lives at Barren Island parochial house with Father Beeching, and helps Ted during Dougal’s milk-float disaster, by enthusiastically giving good mass.


Richard Wilson

Actor: Richard Wilson

Episode: “The Mainland”

Occupation: Actor

Personality: Crotchety, just like Victor Meldrew.

Events: Ted thinks it would be a great joke to walk up to him and quote his character Victor Meldrew’s catchphrase – “I don’t believe it.” When he does so Richard Wilson violently attacks Ted and hurls insults and threats at him.


Mrs Dineen

Actor: Doreen Keogh

Episode: “The Mainland”

Occupation: Housewife

Personality: Feisty

Events: Mrs Doyle’s friend whom she meets and spends an afternoon with in the teashop while Ted and Dougal do their own thing. Mrs Doyle and Mrs Dineen end up being arrested after fighting over who should pay the bill.


Tour Guide

Actor: John Henderson

Episode: “The Mainland”

Occupation: Tour guide

Personality: Great self-control

Events: As a tour guide for “The Very Dark Caves,” he shows Father Ted and Father Dougal and Richard Wilson amongst others around them. Has great difficulty in not shouting out Richard Wilson’s catchphrase from “One Foot in the Grave” to his face.


Father Niall Haverty

Actor: Stephen Brennan

Episode: “Escape from Victory”

Occupation: Priest

Personality: Techno-freak

Events: He provides Ted with the false arms and electric wheelchair for Father Jack so that he can win a bet with Father Dick Byrne.


Father Romeo Sensini

Actor: Conor Evans

Episode: “Escape from Victory”

Occupation: Priest

Personality: Suave geriatric Italian

Events: Italian football champion in the “Annual, All-Priests, Five-a-Side, Over-75’s Indoor Challenge Football Match.” A fine physical specimen; he can climb two flights of stairs unassisted and he needs only one nun to help him get out of a chair.


Father Jessup

Actor: Ian Fitzgibbon

Episode: “Kicking Bishop Brennan up the Arse”

Occupation: Priest

Personality: Sarcastic Priest

Events: He is the most sarcastic priest in Ireland and is PA to Bishop Brennan. Constantly makes sarcastic comments. Father Jack locks him in his underwear basket for attempting to chastise him. At the end of the episode, he is left locked in the basket pleading for help.


Eoin McLove

Actor: Patrick McDonnell

Episode: “Night of the Nearly Dead”

Occupation: Heartthrob singer

Personality: Sickly-sweet and tremendously annoying.

Events: Television presenter and pop singer (hits include “My Lovely Mayo Mammy”) whose only popularity is amongst middle-aged women. Totally dependent on his entourage to perform even the simplest tasks for him. He visits the parochial house when Mrs Doyle wins a poetry competition. His atrocious behaviour is excused by him saying – “I’ve no willy.”



Actor: Maria Doyle Kennedy

Episode: “Night of the Nearly Dead”

Occupation: PA to Eoin McLove

Personality: Very patient

Events: Schedules every aspect of singer Eoin McLove’s life, as he even has trouble opening doors for himself.


Mrs Boyle

Actor: Elva Crowley

Episode: “Night of the Nearly Dead”

Occupation: Housewife

Personality: Gossiping middle-aged housewife

Events: Despite giving her firm promise not to spread the word of housewives favourite singer Eoin Mclove’s visit to Craggy Island and that “she’d be struck down with every disease that it is known for a middle-aged woman to suffer from,” she nevertheless does so, leading to hordes of middle-aged surrounding the parochial house.


Father Buzz Cagney

Actor: Jeff Harding

Episode: “Going to America”

Occupation: Priest

Personality: In-your-face loud American priest.

Events: After seeing Ted help Father Kevin from killing himself at the “It’s Great to be a Priest ’98” celebration, Buzz offers Ted a chance to work with him in a parish in America. Ted thinks it could be his big chance to escape Craggy Island but changes his mind when he realises the new parish is riven with gun violence.


Father Kevin

Actor: Tommy Tiernan

Episode: “Going to America”

Occupation: Priest

Personality: Manic depressive

Events: A young priest who is saved from suicide by Ted at “It’s Great Being a Priest ’98.” He is later cured of depression by Ted when he plays the theme from “Shaft.” He plunges back into the depths of depression after overhearing a Radiohead song (“Exit Music”) on a bus.