Entertaining Father Stone

Ted informs a horrified Dougal that it is time for Father Stone’s annual visit to the parochial house. Father Stone is unbelievably boring, monosyllabic, and fails to react to any stimulus. His protracted silences suck the atmosphere out of any room. Despite Ted’s best efforts, Father Stone has not been deterred from visiting.

No matter what ridiculous excuse Ted and Dougal come up with they fail to get rid of the interminably boring Father Stone. Father Jack doesn’t take well to the fact that Father Stone is there for a visit and punches Ted through a window.

Ted is confident that Father Stone will be gone soon but when Ted’s birthday party comes around, three weeks after Father Stone arrived, Ted gets desperate and prays to God that he will be gone by any method that the almighty might care to use.

Unable to stand any more time in Father Stone’s company, Ted and Dougal go off to spend some time at the Crazy Golf Course even though there is a thunderstorm. Then father Stone turns up. Ted and Dougal encourage him to have a go and when he holds the club aloft a bolt of lightning hits it.

At the local hospital, Father Stone is in a coma. His grandmother and parents turn up, and his mother tells Ted how much Father Stone enjoys his stays at Craggy Island. Now feeling very guilty, Ted starts to pray at his bedside, saying that he can stay for as long as he wants. Soon, Father Stone regains consciousness and is back to his old monosyllabic self.

Father Stone is back at the parochial house; a faint smile spreads across his face.


Airdate: 28 April 1995


[Talk between Ted and Dougal]:
Father Ted: That would be quite common you know. The favourite son would become a doctor and then the idiot brother would be sent off to the priesthood.
Father Dougal: Your brother is a doctor isn’t he?
Father Ted: Yes he is.

[Talk between Ted and Dougal]:
Father Dougal: How did you meet him in the first place? 
Father Ted: He was introduced to me by Father Jim Dougan, we were at a conference. Dougan came up and said, “This is Father Stone” and ran out of the building. 

[Waiting for Father Stone in the hospital]:
Father Ted: God I hate hospitals.
Father Dougal: Do you ever notice it’s usually sick people who end up in hospitals?


Extra Stuff


  • Second appearance of Mary and John who meet Ted and Dougal in the hospital after having injured one another.
  • Ted and Dougal once stayed five days in the attic to avoid father Stone.
  • Dougal was once hit by lightning – all that happened was balloons kept sticking to him.
  • Jack is admitted to hospital, poisoned by Harpic and Babycham.
  • Father Shorthall, an acquaintance of Father Stone, is eighty years old. This is dragged out of him by both Ted and Dougal when they attempt to engage him in conversation.
  • Father Stone counts down the days when he is due to visit Ted. In fact, he owns an oil painting depicting him and Ted together.




The title of the episode derives from a play by Joe Orton, Entertaining Mr Sloane.

Arthur Mathews plays one of the guests at Ted’s birthday party.


Guest Cast

Father Paul Stone — Michael Redmond
Arthur Mathews — Father Billy Kerrigan
Doctor — David carey
Mary — Rynaugh O’Grady
John — Patrick Drury
Mrs Stone — Kate Binchy
James Berwick — Mr Stone
Granny Stone — Joane Hall