About The Series

Father Ted is an Irish sitcom produced by Channel 4. It was written by Arthur Mathews and Graham Linehan and has a predominantly Irish cast. It ran for three series and a total of 25 episodes between 1995 and 1998.

It is set on Craggy Island, just off the west of Ireland’s coast. It follows the adventures of three priests, Father Ted Criily, Father Dougal Mcguire and Father Jack Hackett who have been banished to the Island for various incidents by Bishop Len Brennan.

Below is an episode guide for Father Ted:


Series One

Good Luck, Father Ted
Ted sees stars when a television programme wants to interview him, but he doesn’t want the other priests interfering.

Entertaining Father Stone
The most boring priest in Ireland comes to the parochial house for his annual visit leaving Ted and Dougal desperate to get rid of him.

The Passion of St Tibulus
Bishop Brennan arrives at the parochial house to demand that Ted and Dougal mount a protest outside a cinema that is screening a highly blasphemous film.

Competition Time
It’s the All Priests Stars in Their Eyes Lookalike Competition’ and Ted is determined to beat his arch rival Father Dick Byrne

And God Created Woman
Ted falls for authoress Polly Clarke when he meets her at a book signing.

Grant Unto Him Eternal Rest
Jack finally does himself in when he drinks a bottle of floor polish. To collect on his inheritance Ted and Dougal have to complete one last wish for Father Jack.



Series Two

Ted, Dougal and Jack take their annual holiday.

Think Fast, Father Ted
Ted holds a raffle to pay for a new roof, but then accidentally destroys the prize – a new car.

Tentacles of Doom
Three bishops visit the island to perform an upgrading ceremony on the holy stone of Clonrichert.

Old Grey Whistle Theft
Crime visits the island when a whistle is stolen.

A Song for Europe
Ted and Dougal enter the Eurosong competition and use underhand methods to try to win it.

The Plague
The parochial house is infested by rabbits, just as the very rabbit-phobic Bishop Brennan visits.

Rock-a-Hula Ted
Ted judges the Lovely Girls competition and gets a visit from a controversial rock star.

Cigarettes and Alcohol and Rollerblading
Ted, Dougal and Jack give up something for lent with disastrous consequences.

New Jack City
Jack is sent to and old priests’ home when he develops hairy hands. Unfortunately his replacement, Brendan Grace, is far far worse.

Flight into Terror
The priests, back from a pilgrimage, have a brush with death when the aeroplane that they are on runs out of plane.

A Christmassy Ted
Quick thinking in a lingerie department gets Ted the Golden Cleric award, but why is he not happy?



Series Three

Are You Right There, Father Ted?
Ted inadvertently takes up racism and annoys Craggy island’s Chinese community.

Chirpy Burpy Cheap Sheep
Ted makes a large bet on the King of the Sheep competition, but Chris the sheep isn’t feeling himself because there is rumoured to be a sheep-eating beast on the loose.

Speed 3
A philandering milkman takes revenge on Dougal by planting a bomb on his milk float if it should go below a certain speed.

The Mainland
When Ted, Jack, Dougal and Mrs Doyle visit the mainland all manner of troubles ensue.

Escape from Victory
Ted takes some underhand steps to ensure he wins a bet with Dick Byrne on the outcome of the All-Priests Over-75’s Five-a-Side Football Championship. 

Kicking Bishop Brennan up the Arse
Exposed as a cheat at the end of the previous episode, a terrified Ted tries to draw upon his courage to complete a forfeit and kick Bishop Brennan up the arse.

Night of the Nearly Dead
The visit of a young daytime TV presenter causes excitement for the island’s ageing females.

Going to America
Ted gets the opportunity of a lifetime to become a priest in America, but can’t bring himself to break it to the others that they’re not invited. 



The Main Characters


Father Ted Crilly

Father Ted Crilly is an Irish Catholic priest who shares the parochial house with two other priests, the younger Father Dougal McGuire and Father Jack Hackett, and his housekeeper Mrs Doyle. The three priests were banished there by Bishop Len Brennan, their boss, after three major incidents. Ted’s incident had something to do with Lourdes and financial impropriety. He often protests that the money was just resting in his account.

Ted has always dreamt of a more exciting and glamorous life than of being a priest. Despite this, he really has genuine religious convictions and is always offended and concerned when Father Dougal expresses doubt or ignorance of Catholic dogma. Ted often twists his religious beliefs for his own ends when he is involved in some ridiculous scheme or the other and he tends to display a childish side when he is playing games of one-upmanship with Father Dick Byrne from Rugged Island. Father Dougal is Ted’s sidekick in all these games.


Father Dougal McGuire

Father Dougal McGuire is the youngest of the three priests at the parochial house and we learn that he was banished there after the mysterious Blackrock incident in which many peoples’ lives were irreparably damaged. Quite how Dougal became a priest remains a mystery as he seems to be in doubt about all of the church’s major doctrines. We discover that he doesn’t even know how to recite the Lord’s prayer.

Dougal also has a very childish personality. He likes rollerblading and has kids’ designs on his bedsheets. He has difficulty in understanding concepts that most people have mastered by the age of four. His attempts at performing basic Catholic rituals inevitably end in utter carnage as was the case when he was asked to perform a funeral service in Ted’s absence.


Father Jack Hackett

Father Jack Hackett is the oldest of the priests banished to Craggy Island. We discover that his banishment has something to do with a wedding ceremony that he performed in Athlone. He is a lecherous, alcoholic, foul-mouthed pathetic excuse for a priest and is in a constant incoherent state due to years of alcohol abuse. He expresses himself by shouting out random words, namely; FECK, ARSE, DRINK and GIRLS.

In his earlier life, Jack was a hell and brimstone preacher and enjoyed tormenting his students by talking about the raging fires of eternal damnation. He also liked to dish out corporal punishment and had an unhealthy interest in his female students. Despite this, Ted gives him an over-generous level of respect, something which is not reciprocated as Jack thinks Ted and Dougal are a pair of Gobshites.


Mrs Doyle

Mrs Doyle is the housekeeper and general dogsbody at the parochial house. She has an insane zeal for making sandwiches cakes and tea. If anyone refuses one of her snacks or cups of tea she keeps on asking them until they agree by repeating the phrase go on, go on, go on. It is usually a lot easier to partake of one of her refreshments. Aside from these duties, Mrs Doyle also does some extremely dangerous things around the house, i.e., digging drainage ditches and mending the roof. She has some nasty accidents while doing these chores, and Ted is seemingly oblivious to her arduous effort.


Regular Cast

Father Ted Crilly — Dermot Morgan
Father Dougal McGuire — Ardal O’Hanlon
Father Jack Hackett — Frank Kelly
Mrs Doyle — Pauline McLynn




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